What is your company’s specialty?

Telemarketing! WE love to cold call—We know it’s unusual but for us it’s exciting and productive! We have found that telemarketing works like no other marketing tool. It helps build your sales revenue faster than any other marketing option. It establishes and builds profitable relationships on your behalf.

With over 25 years of experience and expertise in telemarketing, we will share our telemarketing wisdom to enable you to increase your sales.

How many clients do you work with?

We never have more than 12 clients at any given time. That way we really get to know your company and prospects to service you better than large impersonal firms.

Why do companies use your services?

They use our telemarketing services to grow their business. We are your part-time sales force! We make the cold calls to identify your prospective—then you make them your clients!

  • They use outbound telemarketing to acquire customers, qualify prospects, pass hot leads to sales reps, to acquire and qualify buyers, process orders and cross-market/up sell offers. To keep you in front of your existing clients
  • To provide a continuous flow of prospects
  • To even our your sales flow—instead of having “high and low” seasons, weeks or months.
  • You can’t wait for clients to come to you…in today’s competitive market, you must seek them out.
  • More cost-effective and flexible than printed advertising.
  • Multiple products can be offered.
  • Target specific groups by any criterion, such as age, economics, or geographical, just to name a few.
  • Get new clients.
  • Build credibility and create demand for your services.
  • Develop an affordable, yet ongoing relationship opportunity.
  • Expand your sales cycle.
  • Monetize an ongoing stream of income consistently

How many of your clients are repeat?
69% do some business with us each year. That is a rate we’re very proud of. It also gives us some room to meet new clients like you as well!

Who are your clients?
Our clients are small and medium sized businesses that are in a growth mode. They understand that sales is a numbers game and that in order to stay in business you have to have a steady stream of new interest.

What telemarketing services do you offer?

  • Lead Qualification
  • Referral Relationship Development
  • Calling on past clients to reestablish additional and repeat sales
  • Generate new prospects
  • Script Development and Adaptation
  • Weekly Reporting -We will send you the call log and appointment file weekly.
  • register crowds of attendees for conferences and seminars.

So why should I do telemarketing?

Sales lead generation is a very important aspect of your business, because the leads themselves will help keep your business on the road to success. Without quality leads a business will eventually close their doors.

Telemarketing is the most popular, dynamic, flexible and effective marketing and communications technique available. Seventy percent (70%) of business today is still closed over the telephone. Even with the advent of the internet, email, fax, and web conferences, 70% of business today is still closed over the telephone.

Who does your company work with?

The TSE Marketing Group have handled telemarketing for the special event industry, insurance, catalogers, travel industry, consumer products, financial services, gourmet food, design firms and nonprofits.

What makes your company different?

We take an educated, professional and experienced approach. But the thing that really sets us apart is that we really offer your prospects an easy, warm comfortable way to express their needs. We also understand that The key to opening the doors to buyers and decision makers on outbound b2b telemarketing calls is getting to get your message through these barriers to the right people.

Can you help create our scripts?

Of course. Just let us know what product or service has to be pitched and we can work with you to create a telemarketing script. Then we’ll put together a targeted lead list and get your campaign up and running within short order. Our telemarketing programs are tailor made specifically for each individual client. It is this versatility that puts us ahead of our competitors.

Telemarketing scripts are a powerful marketing tool for promoting your message. The right telemarketing script can produce huge profits, the wrong telemarketing script – dismal failure. Done correctly, telemarketing scripts can be your most cost effective way to generate new clients.

Can you help us get or create a list?

A targeted telemarketing list plays an integral part in the success of your business. The right telemarketing list can produce huge profits. Our telemarketing lists can provide you with immediate access to millions of business and residential names, addresses, phone numbers and other specialty selects to help you find your ideal prospects.

Telemarketing is effective because it requires an immediate response. You have a live person on the phone who can answer questions, address issues, overcome objections, and concentrate on important issues. Telemarketing is the most cost effective way to generate new clients. Our telemarketing lists will help you quickly get your product or service to all your prospects.

  • By Income Levels
  • Geographic Location
  • Business Types
  • Executives
  • By Age Group
  • Consumers
  • Occupants
  • Families

How do you charge?
We offer one of the most affordable programs in the industry! We charge a flat fee. With very flexible contracts. For a specific cost, based on your needs, please give us a call and we will give you that information immediately.

How do I know whether cold calling will work for my company?

Cold calling works for virtually all products or services especially if you use a targeted list. The real question is, what kind of return on investment will you generate? Essentially it’s a numbers game. If you were getting 80 or more leads a month would it increase your business?

How do you identify a qualified prospect?

Every company has a different definition of a qualified prospect. Generally speaking You regard someone who has an interest in your product and wants to learn more about it as a qualified prospect. You may also regard a decision-maker who has an immediate need and a budget for your service or product. Please note, there are levels of prospects. They are all valuable. Some may need what you offer immediately as well as long term. When you put all of these needs together you create a thriving, growing business!

How many leads can I expect?

We’re finding that in the current economy the standard 10% rule holds true. So if we make 800 cold calls over the course of a month you would have 80 new leads. Once we turn over the prospective lead you would take it from there.

Should you leave messages in prospects’ voicemail boxes?

Yes. Our clients want prospects to know they’ve called in order to build name recognition and to create a “warmer” situation for the next call.

How do you find a good prospect list?

We discuss your criteria and then we can recommend how we can get an affordable list that best meets your needs. We can help you with virtually any list.

Do you offer other marketing services?

Yes. We are a full service marketing, public relations company. A full list of services is on our website. Once we begin working with a client we often offer several services when needed and appropriate.

How fast can I get going?

Next week, if we have the availability. Your telemarketing campaign can be implementation quickly, easily and effectively. If you want to grow your business, we can help you get it done!

Do you offer refunds?

Sorry, but due to obvious reasons, we do not offer refunds. We will, however, do our very best to make sure you receive the work you have paid for. Most of our clients continue their work with us after their initial agreement. Therefore, we assume that you are moving forward unless you ask us to bring your sessions to a close and you are obligated to pay for whatever work that entails.