Sponsorship Sales

The TSE Marketing Group has worked with corporations, associations and charities for local, regional and national events. We have extensive relationships and a long history of identifying with and finding local, regional and national corporate partners. With offices outside of Philadelphia and satalite partners, we can provide efficient and cost-effective ways to meet corporate prospects throughout the country. We and can help craft the most appropriate messages and strategies. We build public-private partnerships that match the needs, interests and values of the target audience.

Small-business meetingOnce we meet with you to understand your needs and goals, we develop a corporate sponsorship program and make recommendations for product endorsements. The TSE Marketing Group has a tremendous body of experience in event planning and implementation as well as fundraising. We have created innovative plans and events—involving public-private partnerships and sponsorships, media relations strategies, and advertising—for sporting events and cultural organizations, hospitals and groups that want to raise funds from new audiences, generate new donors and/or recognize top givers in innovative, engaging ways. We provides conceptual expertise, a collaborative approach, production and logistics expertise, and strong technical and management skills that meet short- and long-range strategic goals.

We help increase your company or sponsorship sales by making calls and generating leads for you. We use a specific prospecting system to make effective, results-producing cold calls that generate results. We are highly talented, dedicated and motivated sales and marketing professionals. We take care of the cold calling so all you worry about is what you do best: presenting your products and services to the community to increase revenue.

Our appointment setting system will allow your sales team to be in a place offering more meetings with prospective customers and, as a result, increase your sales. It’s expensive to have your sales team making cold calls when they could spend that time closing deals. By partnering with The TSE Group you can outsource the tedious job of keeping your pipeline full. As a result, you will be able to maximize the strengths of your team to negotiate and close sales generating more revenue for your company or charity.

If you are interested in learning more about TheTSEMarketingGroup.com please contact us at 484-885-1000 Ext or email us at Terrie@TheTSEMarketingGroup.com.

We look forward to meeting and discussing your goals and how appointment setting and lead generation will help you accomplish them. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation!