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Make extra money doing flexible work at home with us as a promotional product dealer! Operating with highest integrity, we’re the leading provider of distributor services in the promotional products industry. We have a proven legacy: many of our independent authorized dealers have worked with us for decades!

Become A Kaeser and Blair Dealer
Here is an extraordinary Business Opportunity In the Promotional Advertising Industry of Advertising Specialties.
For over 100 years Kaeser and Blair has helped thousands of prospective sales professionals make the “right choice” to become a Kaeser and Blair dealer, and build profitable dealerships. Many have even built their dealerships into a marketable business which they sold upon their retirement from the industry. Remember, with our opportunity you are building equity in your own business.
In order to determine if this business or any other business opportunity is the most suitable for your situation, you must investigate. Therefore, we urge you to thoroughly investigate every business opportunity that interests you, including ours. Your ultimate success depends on a clear, sound evaluation.

What are Advertising Specialties

Anything a company gives away, sells, or uses to promote their business. From inexpensive giveaways (like bumper stickers, and plastic key tags) to expensive executive gifts (like leather portfolios) to premium items (like an Igloo cooler) to the giant advertising balloons or the printed hats and T-shirts the pizza delivery guy wears. They are the “imprinted” goodies we’ve all seen a thousand times with the most common probably being pens and calendars.

What makes Kaeser Blair and this business so special?

Monthly newsletter crammed with even more products, samples, and INCREDIBLE sale prices Full training available (training tapes and seminars)

*No franchise fees

*No start-up capital needed, Kaeser and Blair even extends credit to your approved customers

*NO sales territory restrictions

*Lots of FREE samples to help build your business quickly and easily

*Inspiring incentive and awards programs

*No collections required, Kaeser and Blair does all billing and collecting!

*No inventory needed, all items are printed and shipped from the Kaeser and Blair warehouse

*No deliveries, all items shipped directly to your customer

*No business investment, this is a RISKLESS OPPORTUNITY!

*Toll free phone support

All this means is that Kaeser and Blair is the “Distributor.” You are an “Authorized Dealer” under Kaeser and Blair’s distributorship. However this means that you own your business and you own your accounts. Kaeser and Blair will not solicit your accounts. If you choose to open a distributorship of your own, or if you go to work for another distributor, you are free to take your clients with you.

Kaeser and Blair pays commissions to dealers on a daily basis. They’re the only distributor that ADVANCES commissions. As soon as the order is processed (art work okayed, prices verified, the customer’s credit approved, etc.), you receive your full commission. They even have direct deposit options.

As a Dealer you will receive Kaeser and Blair’s Exclusive “Best Buys Catalog” which has a great selection of all types of promotional products filling about 130 pages, at “Great Prices” designed to knock your customers’ socks off. We have found that items in this catalog usually can not be found at a better price. You also receive another 40-or-so catalogs with your start up kit. These are full-color manufacturer’s catalogs. You can get literally ANYTHING your customer wants through Kaeser and Blair. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in your catalogs, Kaeser and Blair also has full computer-searching capabilities, and as ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) members, they (which means YOU) can buy from any one of THOUSANDS of manufacturers. In other words, you will never have to tell a customer you can’t get the item they want.

Kaeser and Blair provides full support. If you have any questions (which you probably will a time or two), you can call for help, and they’ll walk you through a transaction. They encourage you to become “an idea person” which is a consultant that helps clients choose the right items and guides them through the entire promotion, from planning to actual distribution, and they’ll do everything they can to help you achieve this goal.

How to get started and what does it cost?

The “start up investment” is $85 and Kaeser and Blair will send you a 35 pound box of samples; one full-color “Best Buys” catalog, a big stack of full-color manufacturers catalogs to go in your “Quality Line” binder; and a “Welcome/Training Kit” containing two video tapes, two audio tapes, and three policy, procedure, and start-up booklets. Basically, everything you need from them to get started. You have a full 30 days to look over the material and decide if the opportunity is right for you. If it isn’t, you can return the kit for a full refund, no questions asked. That makes it “No Risk.”

If you think you can find a business where you can invest less money, earn more – more quickly… by all means, go ahead and do it! But please, don’t let yourself down. Do something to make your dreams of success come true… If you are really interested, don’t wait! New dealers are joining us every day. Tomorrow someone else in your area may take advantage of this opportunity and begin calling on your customers. Don’t wait until it is too late – Kaeser and Blair cannot hold this opportunity open for you indefinitely!

How we can help you get started?

Let’s talk today. Call us at 484-885-1000