Marketing Packages


  • Email Broadcasting Package
  • Public Relations & Media Package
  • General Marketing Packages
  • Fax Broadcasting Package
  • Sales-Telemarketing & Biz Prospecting
  • Internet Marketing Packages

Start Up or Tune Up Packages

Just starting out in business? Or have you been in business for awhile but want to jump to the next level? With this package you get a jump on putting it all together. The main focus of this package is on how to double or even triple your client base within 12-18 months!

Our Start Up or Tune Up Packages include:

  • An interview and analysis to understand how you currently operate your business.
  • Development of customized plan of action.
  • Four-1 hour phone consultation sessions.
  • 12-month subscription to our newsletter.
  • A copy of our eBook on resources and marketing for small business

Cost: $1,000 (based on 12 hours)

Retainer Packages

For a fraction of the cost of hiring an experienced marketing person on staff, The TSE Marketing Group can provide you with ongoing, high-level marketing communications expertise. Our involvement will extend your organization’s capacity, bringing a fresh perspective to bear and ensuring that your marketing stays on track and on target.

Our retainer-based service packages for small and medium businesses commence with a marketing communications audit and strategy project (see details). This provides the all-important ’road map’ to ensure your marketing activities are focused, targeted and carefully aligned with your business goals and objectives.

Retainer Option A – $1,000 month
Based on 12 hours of strategic and goal oriented assignments. A 3 month commitment with a monthly review.

Retainer Option B – $2,500 month
Based on 32 hours of strategic and goal oriented assignments. A 3 month commitment with a monthly review.

Retainer Option C – Consulting only
If the retainer-based model does not fit your needs, ad hoc strategic services for marketing communications are available at our regular consulting rate of $125. For projects with a clearly defined scope we are usually able to provide a fixed project quotation.

Ongoing activities under either retainer based packages include:

    • Strategic direction of your marketing communications
    • Oversight and management of strategy implementation
    • Monthly action meetings to review progress of current projects, prioritize upcoming activities and consider emerging goals and needs
    • Benchmarking and evaluation of current strategies
    • Day-to-day access to independent marketing expertise – use us as a sounding-board for ideas, or to mentor less-experienced staff with marketing responsibilities
    • Managing and reporting against budgets for marketing communication activities
    • Developing project specifications, managing creative and technical inputs, and providing or overseeing the execution of approved creative or technical projects within agreed -budgets and timeframes
    • Each quarter, the monthly meeting will also include a review of progress against the marketing communications plan and any necessary adjustments to the plan or our program of work

A. Key message development
Creation of key messages. Strategic placement. List of key placements
Cost: $500 month

B. Competitive Analysis
Understanding your competitors is crucial in creating a strong strategic position. We will compare your primary competitors messages and marketing tactics to determine how you can move forward and strengthen your position.
Cost: $500 month

C. Lead Generation Package Business Development & Prospecting/Cold Calling
There’s this myth that high quality leads and new customers are easy to get. You know, just run an ad or two in the press, mail an offer to a rented list, or put an ad on TV or radio and you’ll be swamped with new business.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. These days the cost of media advertising and stiff competition make getting new customers much more expensive and far more difficult than ever before. That’s why lead generation calls often have much higher results.

Our lead generation strategies program includes:

      • An interview to understand how you operate in your business.
      • Review of your promotional and sale materials.
      • Consultation on ideas to get new customers, improve existing promotions, explore effective methods to market yourself and what to avoid.
      • Prioritized action plan for implementing ideas.
      • A weekly report of activities

Cost: $700 month for up to 20 hrs

The TSE Marketing Workshop – (1 day)

Discover and define the unique aspects of your company that can drive a successful marketing campaign. We believe you know more about your business than anyone, and with your knowledge and our marketing expertise this brainstorming technique can generate and define your business position in the market.

Our Marketing Workshop is a dynamic and, dare we say, fun meeting of the minds between your company and ours.

This is an effective first step before writing your marketing plan.

Cost: $1,000 + expenses

The TSE Marketing Plan

Establish your blueprint for an effective and sustainable marketing program. Define your product, target your audiences, set priorities, list priorities, allocate resources, and infuse effective tracking methods. Investing in your marketing plan streamlines your marketing efforts and saves you time and money.

Your Marketing Plan also includes the research, analysis, and recommendations you will need to implement an effective long-term marketing campaign. Finally, we will help you establish an action timeline and budget so that you’re ready to move forward with your marketing program.

Marketing plan development includes keys message development, competitive analysis product strategy and business goals.

Cost: $1500