How To Market A Contest

You can generate a lot traffic to your site by hosting a contest. Any kind of contest will do as long as it involves fun competition.

But once you decide what kind of contest you want to run, you need to know how to make it happen. So we’ve listed some steps that, if followed, will help you run a great contest and generate an abundance of traffic to your website!

Try The Steps Below

Step one: Establish a set of rules. These rules must be clear to every potential participant and state the rules and guidelines for your contest. Spell out the details on your website and in your newsletter even if they seem like common sense to you.

Rules To Cover Include:

–How many times each contestant can enter and how often.

–Start and end date of the contest.

–How and when you will choose the winner(s).

–How many winners you will have

—-What prizes are being offered.

–How you will notify the winners (email, phone, snail mail).

–Who (if anyone) is sponsoring your contest.

— A statement of your privacy policy.

–You could also limit the number or prizes any one person can receive. This gives more people a chance to win and encourages greater participation.

Step two: Decide what information to collect. Being able to follow-up with your contestants is critical, so make sure you have a way to collect their name and email address when they enter your contest.

Step three: Secure sponsorship. Ask other businesses to sponsor your contest by providing free prizes is a great way to establish joint venture relationships. They get free advertising through your contest, and you get to give away enticing prizes that cost you nothing to obtain.

Step four: Promote your contest with a Press Release, social media, radio stations, email marketing, notify your affiliates, exchange links with other sites and add your contest to contest directories available on the web.

Step five: Announce the winner(s). If your rules stated that the winner would be chosen at random, have an unaffiliated third party choose the winner. If you were judging the entries, make sure you complete your assessment by the date indicated in your rules. However you choose the winner, announce the name of the person by posting it on your website, emailing your list and issuing another Press Release.

Step six: Award prizes.

Remember, you don’t have to run a contest of your own to benefit from the traffic-producing power of the competition. You can also generate traffic by sponsoring a contest and giving away your products or services as prizes.

This gives you great exposure for only the cost of production for your product. Just be sure that the contest holder gives you credit for the prize and links to your site. Also only sponsor contests within your target market.

Other tips include:

1. Allow the audience to vote on the winner. People want to contribute, and with the growth of social networking sites, it’s becoming expected.

3. Permit those who enter to promote themselves & their business. This gives them free exposure and makes you look like a good guy. They’ll love you for it and refer you.

4. Give away a BIG prize. Anything worth $200 or more creates mega buzz. It may seem crazy to give away something worth that much, but think of it as advertising. The end results are worth any front-end costs.

5. Keep the contest condensed to a short period of time. One or two weeks works best. You want to create a sense of urgency for people to enter.

6. Allow people to enter daily. This means repeat traffic.

7. Submit to 3-5 contest directories every day.

8. Make it easy and fun. If you make it too hard, people will get frustrated and it will kill whatever buzz you hoped to generate.

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