Artwork Requirements

  1. Your artwork can be emailed to us in one of the following formats highlighted  below in Red. ( Line#5)  2. Please email your artwork with your contact

information to:  3. If you are going to email us your artwork, please email us at  4. *Email your artwork to (Via an email attachment)  5. We ACCEPT the following formats: .CDR 14.0 (or lower), AI, EPS, .PS,

  • Adobe IllustratorTM 3.2 to 10.0 (preferred) Please convert all text to outlines.
  • CorelDrawTM  .CDR Version 14.0 or Earlier (PC), if text is converted to “curves”,
  • and the file is exported to “Adobe IllustratorTM” EPS format. Please convert all text to
  • outlines.  – EPS  Format – AI Format – .PS – (-No Compression) CDR 12.0 Format  We DO NOT ACCEPT the following formats: .JPG, .JPEG, .GIF, .DOC, .BMP

 Additional Details:

  • 3 ½” floppy or ZIP disks formatted for (PC) Computers preferred. Call for other media.
  • Please convert all type to outlines or include the Macintosh fonts used in the art. Send screen and  printer font files.
  • It is necessary to include the original files of placed images (i.e. Corel Draw, EPS, TIFF, etc.) in a folder.
  • Fax the art layout to (541) 570-1472 to confirm the imprint. OR send a hard copy of the artwork along
  • with the disk. This will ensure all correct information is contained on the disk.
  • Files may be compressed using Disk Stuffit, or PKZip.
  • Camera Ready Art will be resized to fit the imprint area.

 Important Things to Consider:

Are all place image/supporting files (EPS, TIFF, etc. files) included? If not, we will not be able  to correct problems, the art may print strangely or not at all, and final print quality cannot be guaranteed. Have all fonts been converted to outlines? If not, please include both screen and printer fonts (Mac) in the archive.

IMPORTANT: Email a printed copy of your artwork to us at to show what the art should look like? If no hard copy is provided, a paper proof may be required and there may be delays and an extra charge.