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A Few Marketing Tips for A Grand Opening!

Congratulations! How exciting! You are having a grand opening! Here are a few tips to gather a crowd and share the news!

Email Marketing

  • Create an email marketing campaign to promote your grand opening. In the weeks leading up to the grand opening, send out a series of emails that advertise your business; include photos and emphasize the features that make your business different from others in the area.

One-Hour Discounts

  • Make your grand opening a not-to-be-missed event by offering special discounts each hour. Advertise the schedule heavily so that interested parties can come in on time. Run ads in local newspapers or online, put up flyers, distribute leaflets and arrange for regular radio announcements on the day of the opening. By limiting the discount period, you’ll create a sense if urgency among potential customers.

Social Media

  • Social media can be an effective and inexpensive way to reach a large number of people and create a sense of excitement about your grand opening. Build Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles for your business pages. Put out teaser posts a month in advance, hinting at the great sales and events at the grand opening. Consider offering special discounts to convince more people to sign up; this will widen your advertising audience and build a buzz.


  • Visually announce your new business with signs, banners and blow-up displays. Over-the-top, large displays will draw attention from potential clients driving or walking by your store. If your location does not face a busy street, place signs, people in costumes or other eye-catching displays at the closest intersection to your business. Your objective is to be as visually stimulating as possible to catch people’s attention and draw them to your store.


  • You could announce your business through mailings and newspaper advertisements. Include a map to your store, discount coupons and other promotional information to announce your grand opening. Make your announcement strong enough that people will place it on their refrigerator, not in the trash.

Pre-Grand Opening Party

  • Hold a special pre-grand opening party and pass out invitations to friends, business contacts and anyone who has helped to establish your new business.


  • Contact your local newspapers and business magazines about doing a feature article on your new store. You will need to have a unique spin on your proposal to get their attention.


  • If you buy advertising on a local radio station, you may be able to host a live broadcast at your grand opening. Live broadcasts will draw in customers and gain your business valuable exposure. You can also provide giveaway items that can be used as on-the-air prizes during the live broadcast and for several days after your grand opening to keep the buzz about your business active.

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy this wonderful experience!

General Adwords Campaign Information

The AdWords Performance Grader focuses on the 10 key performance metrics that have the most impact on your success as a paid search advertiser:

  • Wasted Spend: If your AdWords campaign is underperforming, this metric will show you just how much money you could be saving by refining your keywords and optimizing other areas of your account.
  • Quality Score: A strong Quality Score leads to improved rankings, a lower cost per click and overall increases in ROI. This crucial metric will provide you with insight into how well – or poorly – your ads are viewed by Google.
  • Impression Share: A low impression share – how often your ads are triggered by relevant search queries – can have a negative impact on the performance of your PPC campaigns.
  • Click-Through Rate: CTR is one of the most important metrics to benchmark when evaluating the effectiveness of your paid search efforts, because it’s a strong indication of how relevant your ads are to users. For example, a high impression share will yield little ROI if searchers aren’t actively clicking on your ads. This benchmark can also be used to ascertain if you’re losing ground to competitors. (CTR is also a major contributing factor to your Quality Score.)
  • Account Activity: The more frequently you log in and actively manage, analyze, and optimize your account, the greater potential returns you’ll experience. This metric provides valuable insight into how much time other businesses are spending managing their paid search campaigns. (In fact, infrequent logins is one of the main reasons that most small business fail at PPC.)
  • Long-Tail Keyword Optimization: Many AdWords advertisers focus predominantly on competitive, costly head terms, and neglect to pay sufficient attention to long-tail keywords that can yield strong conversions at lower costs if targeted effectively.
  • Ad Text Optimization: It almost goes without saying that optimizing the text of your ads themselves is one of the most important steps you can take in PPC analysis, since better ad text can improve your CTR, Quality Score, and AdWords ROI. The AdWords Performance Grader will evaluate your ads’ performance, as well as provide you with a benchmarked comparison of how your copy shapes up to the ads your competitors are using.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Strong ads alone are not enough to maximize your PPC ROI. Do you have enough landing pages? Are they optimized to maximize conversions? What about mobile? Since landing pages are where the real magic happens or doesn’t, this is a crucial step in your PPC analysis.
  • Mobile Advertising: With mobile searches expected to surpass desktop searches by 2015 if not earlier, it is imperative that you identify and leverage opportunities for improvement in your mobile PPC ads. Are your text ads optimized for mobile? Are you using sitelinks, call extensions, location extensions and other mobile paid search best practices?
  • PPC Best Practices: Even if you think you’re doing everything right, the chances are still pretty good that there is room for improvement. By using the AdWords Performance Grader, you can see whether you’re adhering to general PPC best practices – such as leverage modified broad match and properly setting up conversion tracking – and how your paid search management stacks up against your competition.

Note: This information is something we found on WorldStream.com and wanted to share with others

Marketing – Attract Your Ideal Client

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you had the power to attract only those clients that you really love to work with? Imagine the joy and satisfaction you’d feel getting up in the morning knowing that your day would be filled with people you like to be around! What feeling does that give you that you didn’t have before?

The Steps to Attracting your Ideal Client:

Knowing who’s right:

Have you clearly defined the qualities of your ideal clients? In coaching people for the last 30 years, I have found that most people are fuzzy when it comes to knowing who they really most desire to work with.

To assist you in doing this, think back at some wonderful people you had the pleasure of doing business with. What did you like about them? Most of my coaching clients report the same qualities: someone who is positive, committed, motivated, educated, responsible and just a joy to be around. How good are you at attracting these clients?

Avoiding who’s wrong:

How do you know who is the wrong client for you? Just start by listening to your body. Your body always tells the truth. Do you feel relaxed around this person or tense? How is your breathing ?

If you tend to hold your breath around this person, your body is telling you to beware. If you want to avoid contacting this person, even thought it’s essential, again you’re being given a signal.

Get in front of your ideal clients:

Once you know the characteristics of who you want to work with, find ways to meet them and connect with them. Where do they hang out? Do they go to certain health clubs in your area? Then go to those clubs. Do they belong to certain community service organizations? Join them.

Remember, before people will do business with you, they need to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you. So follow your basic word of mouth strategies to be in contact with them. Remember they are your target market now, so you need to join the networking organizations they belong to, speak at places where they will be listening, write articles that they will read and form cross referral relationships with other professionals that work with them.

Use your own power of attraction:

Attracting your ideal client is simple. The idea is that “like attracts like”. So guess what? If you want to attract your ideal client, you need to express the qualities that they express. So, if you’re ideal client is positive, motivated, committed, educated and a joy to be around, practice being that. Not only will you have fun in the process, but you’ll become a magnet for your ideal clients.

An Affordable Marketing Department for Small Businesses

Do You Need An Affordable Part-Time Marketing Department

Starting at less than $350 Week!!

The TSE Marketing System is an outsourced marketing department for small and medium businesses. Our full-service marketing agency specializes in developing, implementing, and managing total marketing systems for clients who want a marketing department without the expenses of additional employees, equipment, or in-house experts. We are experienced, affordable and easy-to-work-with! Call us today at 484-885-1000 for a FREE no-obligation consultation.

The TSE Marketing Group is an outsourced marketing department outside of Philadelphia has officially launched The TSE Marketing System in which clients sign up for a specific number of monthly marketing service hours based on a long-term strategy developed together with a marketing professional. They can choose between 5-10-15 or 20 hours a month.

The main benefits to clients are “they have ongoing access to our full line of marketing services and never have to worry about billing because they know we will always be within their capped budget.” The TSE Marketing Group also saves time and money to clients who would otherwise be doing their own marketing.

How It Basically Works

The TSE Marketing system is like having a complete, but part-time, marketing department. The basic steps are as follows:

  1. A marketing manager and you will develop a flexible and affordable multi-pronged marketing system based on the client’s needs and growth goals. This may include one element or more including graphic work, telemarketing, online marketing email marketing, public relations etc.
  2. They agree upon the number of hours required to keep the marketing system performing consistently.
  3. The TSE Marketing Group develops, implements, and manages the marketing system. Clients also get monthly reports and regular updates.